Some days last a long time
w. Kinga Bartis

June 2020
Ok Corral

In times of cultivating the rational, the well articulated and formal, the invisible and blurry gets devaluated and set aside. Ambiguous fears, desires, hopes, the denied, the not logical and non-sense - we now find them in the cellar.

With this installation Bartis and Marotta use painting’s essence (as a medium) to open gates into the subjective, balancing on senses, gut feelings and strange projections. Not having the burden or the need of choosing sides, evaluating and rationalising, painting can claim paths in between dualist simplifications. Approaching it as a messy but intuitive generator, that makes space for operating outside of the fabricated truth.

Two body of works are intertwined and therefore they can tap into each other. Two processes flow their own ways and meet here in a space created cooperatively. Just like water, that forms an expanse and as a meeting point for this exhibition; a neutral common ground for creating together. Water as life, a safe space, an in between space, a desire. It’s here where our suggestions (outputs) on what they could and would not rationalise stem from.

Coline Marotta’s works exists in a dreamy
universe where water assists the mood of her characters, while it is the setting of the desired place to be as well: either the idealised past or the near future. She offers a

place of contemplation to us, while herself musing through the process of painting.

Kinga Bartis’ works are reflections on

existence and similar matters in various power relations. Leaning heavily on her political and cultural background her canvases are a mix of personal mythology, sociological and other cultural elements and results of the painting process itself.

Both practices are balancing on fluidity, hard texture, transparency and opacity. The motives often placed by- or with-in water, in a mental landscape balancing between diverse realities.

it was written somewhere that humankind came from tears. 2020, 140 x 120 cm 

exhibition view

i want to take Richard Brautigan poem collection and read it for weeks, then when I'm done I'll read it again. 2020, 160 x 120 cm

vertical dreaming (ongoing childhood). 2020, 42 x 36 cm

i've forgotten all what I thought I hated. 2020, 60 x 80 cm

exhibition view

on becoming a wave. 2020, 42 x 36 cm